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    Covid-19 is a zoonotic virus, meaning it spread to humans from an animals. Scientists aren’t sure which animal spread it to us, though they think snakes or bats might have spread it to us via pangolins. But it’s not just exotic, wild animals that spread diseases. Newe research shows the next global public health crisis could come to us through industrial animal agriculture.

    In late December 2019, a 42-year-old man with pneumonia-like symptoms was admitted to a Paris hospital. Shockingly, a test of the patient’s stored sample swab came back positive for covid-19, suggesting the novel coronavirus was in France more than a month earlier than previously thought.

    If you have a domain through GoDaddy, you might want to take a minute to reset your password and PIN and enable two-factor authentication if you haven’t already. The domain registrar and web hosting company has been hacked, says Threat Post. According to the California Attorney General, GoDaddy submitted the breach report on May 3—just two days ago—but the breach itself happened October 2019.

    Great Scott! Ravensburger is getting “heavy” with its latest game, Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, which puts players in the driver’s seat of the DeLorean to stop Biff Tannen from screwing up the timeline. In Gizmodo's exclusive first play-through, we found the game to be a fun and surprisingly insightful homage to the entire Back to the Future series—but be warned, it’s not easy getting back to the future.

    Astronomers and physicists continue to pursue the answers to the universe’s deepest questions, but on many matters, including dark matter and dark energy, they are stymied. What if an autonomously operating telescope, free from human biases and complications, could find the solutions we’ve been missing?

    The U.S. just saw its biggest purchase of energy storage ever. California utility Southern California Edison signed seven contracts last week to launch several energy storage projects totaling 770 megawatts to come online in 2021. It’s a huge step, one that dwarfs all the storage purchased last year across the entire country.

    While we sleep, our brains are busy organising fresh memories into long-term storage—or at least, that’s the theory. Intriguing new research is bolstering this assertion, with evidence that our brains replay the day’s experiences during sleep, in what is an integral part of the memory-storage process.

    In 2018, Dyson released its V10 cordless vacuum and said goodbye to corded vacs forever. But while cleaning without wires is undoubtedly more convenient, batteries still limit how long a vacuum can run between charges. It’s an unfortunate downside, and one the new Dyson V11 Outsize specifically addresses by finally introducing batteries that can be easily swapped.

    Over the weekend, I had a near-miss while driving that was harrowing and close enough that it’s been lingering in my head since it happened. I was very nearly in a head-on collision with a huge SUV in my Nissan Pao, a situation that could have ended very, very badly for me. I’m ok, danger was averted, but the incident has made me think about how we talk about car safety, and an important element of driving safety that I think remains under-appreciated.

    While most of us are sheltering at home in crude blanket forts floored with empty corn chip bags, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is in his palatial, immaculate home, in the lotus position, hovering three feet above a reflecting pool, levitating with The Power of Ideas and emitting beams of coherent light and a never-ending stream of ideas. Of course, some of those ideas kinda suck, like the one he brain-tweeted this past weekend about the potential to play video games with your car, while driving, kind of like Pokemon Go, but, you know, in your car.